What is Sync Licensing?

By definition it is when music is used in synchronization with motion picture. It is most common in Film, TV, Advertising and Gaming.

How does it work?

When you license your song, you are giving the client permission to use your music with their project, usually under set conditions such as, term, duration and territory etc. Remember you are only authorizing a license for them to use your music. You retain 100% of the rights and ownership.

Why work with Color The Horizon?

Our mission is to make it easy for artists to monetize their music while while enabling them to continue doing what they love – making great music. We love representing independent artists, providing opportunities for revenue via alternative streams of income through sync and licensing.

Where is Color The Horizon based?

We are located in Perth Western Australia. But we work with Ad Agencies, Brands and Film & TV content creators and from across Australia and the globe.

How does Color The Horizon work with artists?

We partner with artists, labels and publishers to introduce them to the content creators of Film, TV, Advertising, Gaming and new media. We represent music on behalf of the artists and we work tirelessly to secure license opportunities.

Does it cost anything to submit my music to Color The Horizon?

No there is no cost. You can submit your music to us for consideration. If your music is accepted there is still no cost to be a part of the Color The Horizon artist roster.

Is there an agreement I have to sign?

Yes. If we are interested in your music after it has been reviewed by our team you will be contacted and advised of the next steps.

What does non-exclusive mean?

It simply means that you are not bound only to us for your sync and licensing opportunities. We want you to grow and get more opportunities. You are free to work with others and have many agents and libraries flying you flag.

How long is the term of the agreement?

Our music representation contracts are 12 months with an automatic renewal.

Can I break my contract with Color The Horizon before the end of the term?

Yes. If at any time during the term of the agreement you wish to terminate the contract. A written request is required with a notice period of 30 days which will enable us time to arrange a termination contract and remove your music from our roster. In most cases we will remove your music immediately upon receiving your request.

Do I keep all the rights & ownership of my music?

Yes, you keep 100% of your master and publishing – you are simply granting us the right to shop you music for sync opportunities on your behalf and non-exclusively execute sync license agreements with third parties on your behalf.

What is a license fee?

It is the money paid to the owners of the music in exchange for the rights to use a particular track.

Does Color The Horizon get a percentage of the license fee?

Yes. We take 30% of the “all in” license fee only. We do not take any back end royalties. And you are free to license your music through other licensing agents. We only take a commission on what we place for you.

Who should sign the agreement?

The agreement needs to be signed by all the owners of the Master and Publishing. If you only control the master but have a publishing deal in place no problem, we’ll get in touch with your publisher or counterpart to tell them more about our work and get their signature.

How do I get started?

Contact us via our contact form on our website and request information on how to submit your music for consideration.

If I send you my music will it be automatically added to your roster?

No. We simply cannot accept everything. We work closely with a select group of artists. However we do review submissions for consideration. Please get in-touch with us via our contact form for our submissions process.

How do I send you my music?

PLEASE DO NOT EVER SEND MUSIC FILES SUCH AS MP3s, AIFFs, OR WAV FILES AS ATTACHMENTS IN AN EMAIL! Contact us via our contact form on our website and request information on how to submit your music for our consideration.

I submitted my music but I haven’t heard back from you?

Please understand we are very busy and may not get back to you for two or even three months. Please be patient.

Can I work with Color The Horizon if I already have a deal with a label or a publisher?

Absolutely, our goal is to represent indie artists and their Label, Publisher and affiliates to help push their music for sync purposes and as a way to facilitate brands discovering artists for brand partnerships.

Do I need to be a member of a performance rights organization (PRO) to join Color The Horizon?

No, you don’t need to be a member of a PRO. However once you license a song and it gets publicly performed, you are entitled to receiving public performance royalties. We recommend you become a member of your national PRO as soon as possible so you can take advantage and get 100% of the public performance royalties.

I wrote my music with other songwriters. Can I still sign my songs with Color The Horizon?

Yes, if there are other writers that have collaborated on your songs they have to sign the agreement as well. Our agreements needs to be signed by all owners of Master(sound recording) and Publishing(composition). If they have any questions about how we work with artists feel free to direct them to the FAQ section or to contact us directly at hello at colorthehorizon dot com

What happens after I sign the agreement and send you the audio files?

We will add your music to our roster and contact our clients with news of our new signed artist. We will suggest they take a listen to your awesome music! Then we will work hard to establish opportunities where we can pitch and ultimately secure a sync license for your music.

If I sign with Color The Horizon can I submit my music to other licensing agents & libraries?

Yes! All artists represented by Color The Horizon are non-exclusive. We want you to be able to pitch your own music whenever you want and we encourage you to have many libraries and agencies flying your flag!

What if my songs are already signed to another library or agent?

If you have songs exclusively represented by another agency we can not work with those songs. But if your songs are signed under a non-exclusive contract then we would love to hear them. Please contact us and request information on how to submit music to Color The Horizon.

What if I get offered an exclusive contract from another agency and my songs are signed with Color The Horizon?

Simply contact us requesting that we release your music from our roster. You must notify us in writing as soon as possible, In most cases we will be able to remove your music immediately. However we ask that you allow 30 days for us to remove your music from our roster and draw a termination contract.

What happens if my song gets a sync license through another agent or library?

Congratulations! That is fantastic!! Please let us know the details of the license. We need to know everything about the songs we represent, especially if there are exclusivity terms within that new sync agreement that restrict the use of the track under a specific client or brand etc.

Can I approve or deny a given license request?

No. We pride our selves on providing a smooth, fast efficient clearance and a quick turnaround for our clients.  Our contract with our artists authorize us to act on your behalf. We do not enter into sync license agreements that are considered socially controversial, political or otherwise. We will always act with the highest level of honesty and integrity on your behalf.

Do I get paid royalties?

Yes, but not through us. If your music is synced to a broadcast medium that is registered to pay performing rights you’ll receive those royalties from your Performance Rights Organization.

When do I get paid?

Color The Horizon pays out no later than 30 days after we get paid and have received the funds for placing your song. (In some cases it can take up to 90 days to receive funds from our clients) Please be patient during this process.

Do you represent cover songs?

No, we only accept original works.

Am I notified when there is a placement?

Yes. We will contact you when we secure a sync license for one of your tracks. So you can open the champagne!